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All in-person events and programming are currently on hold amidst the novel coronavirus outbreak. We are carefully monitoring the situation and will continue to update the community.

We Are Here to Move Mountains

Who We Are

The Breasties Is A Nonprofit Organization


The mission of The Breasties is to empower women affected by breast and reproductive cancers by igniting strength and positivity through connection, free retreats, wellness activities, events and an all-inclusive resourceful online community.
Our hope is to spread the message that whatever you are going through — you are not alone. The Breasties is for survivors, previvors, warriors, thrivers, and caregivers — really, whoever wants to be a Breastie, is one. Join us at one of our events, a weekend wellness retreat or at Camp Breastie!

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Meet Some Of Our Breasties

Here's What They've Been Saying

“Having cancer didn’t change my life, but becoming a part of The Breasties did."

Ashley S.

“I frequently get asked what exactly the Breasties is and why I’m so passionate about giving back. I like to say that my doctors saved my life but my Breasties helped save me. The friendships and sisterhood that my Breasties have given me are invaluable. This organization has done so so much for my mental health simply by giving me, and many more like me, a community. A safe place for us, no matter where we call home, that helps the incredibly shitty and isolating experience that is cancer feel less lonely.”

Alex W. 

"What an amazing time with Breasties especially for those who have their upcoming surgeries. What a great way to get more information and a literal hands on experience about the journey they are going to embark on. It was a fun time with powerful women who respected each other and shared their stories. Thanks Breastie Retreats!!"

Karine A.

"The Breasties Retreat provided such an incredibly unique experience — one that created a space where I felt comfortable, confident, strong, supported, and safe. While it is difficult to articulate the love this community of women continues to generate, the love I felt throughout the entire weekend was authentic, beautiful and profoundly powerful."

Carrie K.

"I’m currently battling cancer for the second time. First time was ovarian cancer when I was eleven, and now I’m battling breast cancer at the age of 23. This retreat was so special for me. I bonded with women who have gone through, or are going through experiences so similar to mine. It is so good to know that I’m not alone. I felt refreshed, and happy when the weekend was over. I feel like I have made friendships that’ll last a lifetime."

Bianca M.

"I’d never imagined that one weekend could have such a profound effect on my day to day life, even now, weeks later. Breastie retreats reminded me the extent of my own inner power, but also showed me that I don’t have to do it alone. Nothing is more powerful than knowing how strong you are, and for the moments when you forget, knowing your girl gang will always have your back."

Sydney H.

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