a letter to the community on the status of reopening 

Dear Breasties, 
Our logo is of two intersecting mountains because we believe that mountains are only placed in front of those who can move them. We believe that when we come together, no matter how insurmountable a mountain may seem, we can overcome anything that is put in our path. 
This past year, we had one of the biggest and most devastating mountains collectively placed in front of all of our paths. 
This year has brought devastation, loss, sadness, isolation, anxiety and fear into all of our lives, and for many these feelings are still very present. 
We can’t believe it’s been over a year since we’ve seen one another in person. But this community has proven that even when we are physically apart, our bond can withstand any distance. 
We are so grateful to each and every one of you for pivoting with us to create a robust virtual community that gathers weekly through topic-themed events, panels, and Instagram Lives. 
Thanks to so many incredible people raising their hands and stepping up. We have regularly scheduled virtual meetups that provide a safe space for stage 4 Breasties, LGBTQ+ Breasties, BIPOC Breasties, those impacted by reproductive cancers, those newly diagnosed or newly navigating high-risk decisions, those navigating sex + intimacy post diagnosis, and more — and these will continue, even as the world starts to open up again. 
So, when will the Breastie re-open in-person support like retreats, camp, the Move Mountains Gala and local events hosted by Ambassadors?
After consulting with trusted healthcare providers and experts and taking into account the immunocompromised nature of the community, we have decided that it is in the best interest of the community to resume in-person programming in early 2022. We are committed to the safety of the Breastie community and strongly feel that this is the most responsible decision, as difficult as it was to make. 
We want to assure you that we are working hard behind the scenes to figure out how to accommodate the most Breasties for in-person programming in 2022. This will likely mean camp, retreats, a review of the entire Ambassador Program, and more. Get excited, Breasties, because our events will be back and they will be even bigger and even better than ever!
At this time, we are thrilled to share that virtual programming will remain an essential part of the Breasties mission throughout 2021 and beyond. Maintaining a robust online community even when in-person support resumes, will enable community members to safely meet and support each other from all around the world. 
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your understanding and continued support. 
We cannot wait to see you in person in 2022 and to show you all that we have in store, we promise it will be worth the wait. Until then, please stay safe and keep moving those mountains!
WAHTMM, The Breasties