a letter to the community regarding what the Breasties stands for

Dear Breastie Community, 
We share your heartbreak and outrage over the recent attacks in Atlanta that claimed the lives of eight people, including six Asian women.

We also condemn the recent horrific killings in Boulder, Colorado.

In January, we witnessed an egregious violation of our democracy as a violent mob descended on our sacred institutions in Washington, DC.

Just months into the pandemic, a cry for racial justice erupted around the world following the brutal killings of Black Americans: George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others.

We stand in solidarity with marginalized communities. We stand with our Asian Breasties, Black Breasties, and all Breasties of Color. All acts of racism and violence are an affront to the principles on which The Breasties was founded. We cannot stay silent when humans, especially those within our community, are suffering. 

The Breasties is committed to fostering a community that is rooted in respect, inclusion, equity, and accountability. While we acknowledge there is disparity within our society, we are committed to creating a safe space that finds shared meaning through thoughtful ideas and respectful discourse. 

Our collective efforts have the potential to shift the current climate of division, elevate the conversation, and lay the foundation for future generations to follow. We do this by listening to understand, holding one another accountable, and using our voices to advocate for others.

At The Breasties, we wholeheartedly believe what makes us strong is the community’s diversity in experience and backgrounds. Our continued goal is to seek opportunities to celebrate our differences and align ourselves with what is just, what is honest and what is fair.


The Breasties


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why did the organization decide to postpone all in-person events, cancel Camp Breastie and all wellness retreats for 2020?

    At The Breasties, the health, safety and experience of our community is our top priority. Our in-person events are secondary to the health and wellbeing of the ones we love, which is you - our Breasties, our team, supporters, families and friends. After consulting with trusted healthcare providers, and our local, state, and federal health authorities, we decided it was in the best interest of the community to postpone and/or cancel these events.  

  • Will there be virtual events in place of Camp Breastie and chapter meetups?

    Yes! We really enjoyed hosting our very first Camp Breastie LIVE in June. Our ambassadors and community leaders are hosting dozens of virtual meetups each month. 

  • Where can I find the Community Code of Conduct?

    By heading to this link: Community Code of Conduct

  • How is The Breasties supporting our community during the time of physical distancing? 

    Our Breastie community is stronger than ever! Ambassadors are hosting virtual meetups often - so look out for these on instagram. All Breasties, no matter the location, are welcome to attend! We also hosted our very first Camp Breastie LIVE in June and hope to do more large-scale virtual events to support the community from afar. 

  • How can I support the Breasties during this time?

    Thank you for thinking of us! We are a nonprofit organization and we rely on funds from amazing donors and supporters like you to further our mission. 
    All donations are greatly appreciated and will directly fund new virtual programming initiatives and 2021 retreats, camp and meetups. Facebook fundraisers and other online fundraising initiatives are welcomed! Don’t forget to add us as your charity of choice on Amazon smile!
    Also, did you know that when you purchase Breastie merch - this is a donation to our organization? ALL proceeds from Breasties merch directly fund our mission to ignite strength and positivity through connection, free retreats, wellness activities, events and an all-inclusive resourceful online community. Happy shopping!
    If you have an area of expertise (e.g., nonprofit legal counsel, nonprofit financial services/accounting, nonprofit sponsorship) or know of a business, corporation or person who would love to get involved, send us an email at gro.seitsaerbeht%40olleh!