2019 Retreats

*Retreat applications for 2020 will open November 30th

Breastie Wellness Winter Retreat

Date: Febr 15 - 17th (2019)

Location: Round Top,

Breastie Wellness Spring Retreat

Date: March 29 - 31st (2019)

Location: Hollywood,

Breastie Wellness Summer Retreat

Date: July 12 - 14th (2019)

Location: Big Bear Lake, California

Breastie Wellness Summer Retreat 2

Date: July 19 - 21th (2019)

Location: Big Bear Lake, California

Breastie Wellness Fall Retreat

Date: Sept 13 - 15th (2019)

Location: South Charlotte, North Carolina

Check Out Our Texas Retreat in Round Top, Texas.

Video Credit: Erin Panosian

Retreat FAQs

So glad you asked! Breastie Wellness Retreats are free weekend-long getaways for women affected by breast and gynecological cancers to come together.

They take place Friday-Sunday in various scenic locations around the United States. The intention for each retreat is for women to meet other survivors, previvors, thrivers or “high risk” individuals and bond in nature over shared experiences.

Activities range from yoga, meditation, hiking and other location/weather appropriate activities. There are also optional story-sharing centered activities that aim to inspire connectedness and help all women know that they are not alone and capable of so much more than just “getting sick.”

The weekend is all about being pampered and taking time for YOU. For a closer look, check out video footage from our previous retreats. Acceptance for Breastie Retreats is based on an application process.

Breasties, Breasties, Breasties! Retreats are open to women affected by breast and gynecological cancers in any capacity — survivors, thrivers, previvors, warriors and/or anyone who considers themselves “high risk.”
Every retreat is special and has different activities that are unique to the city we are in. A few staples we love include a fun craft, morning yoga and meditations followed by an afternoon hike, bonding sessions and healing activities. You can also expect breakout dance parties and delicious food that accommodates all dietary restrictions.
  • Winter Wellness Retreat: Feb 15 – 17th, Glamping in Round Top, Texas
  • Spring Wellness Retreat: March 19 – 31st, Hollywood, Florida
  • Summer Wellness Retreat: July 12 – 14th, Lake Arrowhead, California
  • Fall Winter Wellness Retreat: Sept 13 -15, South Charlotte, North Carolina
Yes! We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay for community, especially when going through something as life-altering as a cancer diagnosis or high-risk journey. Various food options, lodging for the weekend and activities are all provided for! You are only responsible for getting yourself there and back.
Retreat applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until January 3rd, 2019. Notification for those who have been accepted will be given via e-mail by January 10th. If you do not receive a response by January 10th, please kindly e-mail retreats@thebreasties.org.

Retreats are FREE and each trip is designed for a smaller group, providing a more intimate bonding experience. Camp Breastie differs from retreats in that registration is open to everyone, at our at-cost rate!

We can accommodate a couple of hundred women, so space is not limited in the way retreats are. We are thrilled about Camp Breastie – and know it will be a once in a lifetime experience. Don’t worry – we still will create that intimate feel at camp, as you have smaller groups within your bunks and break-out sessions!

We definitely encourage everyone to register for camp AND apply for a retreat for 2019! You can register for Camp here: www.thebreasties.org/camp

Depending on the size of the space, each retreat can accommodate between 18-20 women. There will be four retreats in 2019.

Retreats are application-based because at this time, we can unfortunately only accommodate a small group of women in each location.

If you are accepted for an upcoming retreat and learn that you can no longer make it, we ask that you please let us know as soon as possible. Due to the limited space on each retreat, we are unable to accommodate all of the applicants we receive. The earlier we know that you can no longer make it, the better chance there is that we can offer the spot to another Breastie.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to open retreats to previous attendees (although we would love to eventually!). In the interest of helping as many women as possible, we only accept applicants who have not been on a retreat before. If you have already been on a retreat, you are still invited to join in on the fun at Camp Breastie or local meetups/events!
Yes, if you applied to a retreat in 2018 and were not accepted, you will have to apply for this year’s upcoming retreats — so we can know if you are still interested. Additionally, if you weren’t accepted last year and applied again this year, you will be given priority to attend an upcoming retreat.
  • A full packing list will be sent your way closer to the retreat.
  • Think comfortable clothes for day-time activities, sneakers, pajamas, warm clothing for night time bonfires, and one semi-formal outfit for a special dinner Saturday night.
  • You don’t NEED money for anything, as the weekend is all-inclusive.

Feel free to e-mail us retreats@thebreasties.org for any retreat-related questions or concerns!

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