ways to fundraise

7. amazon

Amazon smile

amazon smile is a great easy way to raise funds for the Breasties! when you sign up for Amazon Smile, a percentage of your purchase amounts will be donated to the charity of your choice: the Breasties! Signing up is easy!

    head to smile.amazon.com and log in using your Amazon credentials.
    select a charity
    Under "pick your own charitable organization” enter “Breasties" and search
    select "Breasties Inc” (located in New York, NY).
    add Amazon Smile to your toolbar!


did you know that you can create fundraisers for nonprofits directly on Facebook? all you have to do is select a nonprofit and create a page! it’s an easy way to raise money for the Breasties and celebrate a birthday or milestone!

    click fundraisers in the left menu of your news feed.
    click + raise money
    select "nonprofit" and choose the Breasties
    fill in the fundraiser details and choose a cover photo
    create and share


the breasties have created a fundraising initiative that allows anyone to play a role to fundraising! it is super simple to create your own fundraising team or page, and raise money to benefit this incredible community. 

    click here + become a fundraiser
    decide if you want to fundraise as an individual or team!
    select fundraising goal, customize page + choose a photo
    answer the member questions
    click save and your fundraiser is ready to share