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Over the last year we have been educating our community about the current coding crisis that is putting DIEP Flap surgeries and access to breast reconstruction at risk.
As part of our advocacy initiative, The Breasties published a Peak article and social media campaign last month where we joined forces with Dr. Potter along with other patient advocacy organizations and pushed to get over 5,000 people to sign a letter to CMS urging them to reinstate the S code.
CMS announced last week that they are re-examining their decision to remove the S code that makes DIEP flap reconstruction inaccessible to patients. And they are seeking written feedback, from us, during their June 1st public agenda meeting.So now it is on our community, more than ever, to use our voices and take action.
We are asking ALL patients, their friends, families, colleagues, and medical professionals, to email CMS asking them to please restore the S codes without condition.
A crisis was created because these codes went away for patients. In order for patients to have access to breast reconstruction and particularly DIEP Flaps, we need these codes to be restored.
Email CMS at: vog.shh.smc%40SCPCHExplain why you want the S codes restoredSend this email to CMS by June 1stPost an IG story about emailing CMS and tag 5 Breasties to do the same. Use hashtag #ReverseTheChange

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