COVID-19 Update

All in-person events and programming are currently on hold amidst the novel coronavirus outbreak. We are carefully monitoring the situation and will continue to update the community.


Camp Breastie Live at Home: June 4th - June 7th

As many of you know, the Breasties is committed to making community accessible to all. We pride ourselves on offering free events and retreats and offering tickets below the at-cost rate for Camp Breastie. With everything going on in the world, we are thinking of new ways to continue to support one another from afar.
We're so excited to be putting together Camp Breastie LIVE. To make this event possible, we are asking for the community to RSVP using a “give-what-you-can” model, ensuring anyone who wants to be a part of this movement, can be.
We are beyond excited to celebrate this community from afar. Camp Breastie LIVE will be a weekend filled with empowerment, resources and Breastie fun! We cannot wait to see you there! 
RSVP below and check out the Full Schedule!

Camp Breastie LIVE Schedule


  • Take part in a morning workout or reflect and journal during a meditation!

  • Hear from experts about mastering solo sex, navigating cancer care during COVID and from the members of the committee for diversity and inclusion. 

  • Join the first ever Breasties' talent show! 

  • Learn how to tie-dye with all natural ingredients like fruits and vegetables!

  • Join "cabin chats" — intimate meetups around various topics like parenting, fertility, LGBTQ Breasties, and reproductive cancers. 


Stay Tuned for Camp Breastie 2021 

"At The Breasties, the health, safety and experience of our community is our top priority. Our in-person events are secondary to the health and wellbeing of the ones we love, which is you - our Breasties, our team, supporters, families and friends."
In light of the novel coronavirus outbreak, we have decided to postpone this year's Camp Breastie. We're working hard to make sure Camp Breastie 2021 is even bigger and better than ever. 

Relive The Magic Of Camp Breastie 2019

Inaugural Camp Breastie Recap


All photos by Daphne Youree Photography 

This Is Where You're Meant To Be
Group Meditation
Let's Talk About Sex, Breastie!


  • Who can come to Camp Breastie?

    Breasties, Breasties, Breasties! Camp Breastie is open to all - previvors, survivors, thrivers, caregivers, warriors, friends and family -- all who feel aligned with our mission. There is no age limit!

    Right now, we only have the capacity to host a small number of retreats and events in select cities. We don’t want ANYONE to miss out. That is why Camp Breastie is for everyone - let's spend the weekend feeling empowered surrounded by others who “get it.”

  • I can’t wait! When is camp?

    In light of the novel coronavirus outbreak, we have decided to postpone Camp Breastie 2020 and are actively working towards making Camp Breastie 2021 bigger and better than ever. Click here for more information about the organization's response to COVID-19. 
    Also, be sure to join this year's Camp Breastie LIVE to celebrate the community from afar, June 4th - June 7th. 

  • What does the price include? 

    Camp Breastie is an all-inclusive 4-day, 3-night getaway! Registration includes your lodging in an upscale cabin and all meals (Thursday lunch & dinner, Friday breakfast, lunch & dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch & dinner, Sunday breakfast) in addition to snacks and beverages. There will be an open bar during select activities. All entertainment including panels, workshops, meetups, and camp activities (pool, lakefront, sports, ropes course, art) are included. Registration also includes a Breasties shirt and ultimate swag bag!

  • Why does this cost money?

    Camp Breastie is different than our typical programming (events and retreats will remain free!). Camp will always be our at-cost-rate. We are keeping the price as low as we can to enable as many Breasties to come as possible. We are offering help by creating fundraising platforms for any Breastie who wants to raise money to cover the cost of camp. All additional money contributed on fundraising platforms will be donated to cancer research.

  • I can't afford camp how can I attend? 

    We understand all that this community has been through - and we truly believe that money should never play a role in accessibility to support. 
    This year's Camp Breastie LIVE, is a "give what you can" model. If you can afford to, please consider donating a little extra to help cover those who can’t. If you cannot add on a donation at this time; we will, as always, welcome you with open arms! 
    When Camp Breastie does resume in-person support, you can fundraise your way to camp! Check back here closer to the date to find our more about our fundraising initiatives to get you to camp! Fundraising perks include free registration, travel reimbursement and more! 

  • How can I apply to be a Cabin Leader?

    We will be deferring all selected cabin leaders from 2020 applications to Camp Breastie 2021. Additionally, we will re-open cabin leader applications to give even more Breasties an opportunity for Camp 2021. 

  • I have more questions!

    Feel free to email us gro.seitsaerbeht%40pmac for any camp-related questions or concerns.

We can't wait to see you at Camp Breastie LIVE!