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allie brumel

Chief Operating Officer | Co-Founder

Allie Brumel (she/her), chief operating officer and co-founder of the Breasties, is a triple negative breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed at 28 years old. During her treatment, she knew that she wanted to channel her energy into helping others affected by cancer. Connecting with others going through similar situations is what helped her push through the toughest times. At the Breasties, Allie wears many hats. From sponsorship to planning large-scale events, Allie helps to execute the organization’s vision by overseeing operations and programs. In her free time, you can find Allie with her chocolate lab Booker by the beach, cooking up healthy-ish treats, or dancing her heart out.

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trish michelle

Chief Community Officer

Trish Michelle (she/her) is a cancer thriver, healthcare professional and was 37 when she was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma. Trish served as an ambassador for the New York chapter of the Breasties and is an advocate for breast cancer awareness and representation. She is actively fighting systems to create an inclusive and progressive movement toward equity. Trish is a creator and host of @hiphop_happyhour — a safe space online for anyone impacted by cancer or chronic illness to come together. She is a founder of Reclaim October, a community led movement that focuses on taking back the narrative around Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As chief community officer, Trish is dedicated to bringing together as many members of the community as possible. 

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bri majsiak

Chief Content Officer | Co-Founder

Bri Majsiak (she/her) is a co-founder of the Breasties and has a background in health journalism. She lost her mom to stage 4 breast cancer at the age of 5 and grew up constantly worrying about her increased breast cancer risk. Although she tested negative for BRCA and positive for a lesser-known gene, she decided it was best to be proactive and had a prophylactic mastectomy in June 2020. Bri received her Bachelor’s Degree from Brandeis University and her Master’s Degree from Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism. In 2019, she was a National Cancer Institute Reporting Fellow. Bri oversees all content on The Peak and is passionate about creating resources for BIPOC community members.

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paige more

Chief Visionary Officer | Co-Founder

Paige More (she/her) is a co-founder of the Breasties, a 4x Emmy award winning TV producer, an activist for women’s health and describes herself as everybody’s new breast friend. In 2017, Paige opted to have a preventative double mastectomy after discovering she carries the BRCA1 gene mutation. After feeling alone during her entire decision making process, Paige decided to start sharing her story on Instagram. After building a community online, she decided to start putting together free events for those who have been affected by cancer and the Breasties was born. As chief visionary officer, Paige heads the WAHTMM weekly and creates impactful ways for the community to connect. 

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kellie goss

Director of Diversity Equity + Inclusion

Kellie Goss (she/her) is an Army veteran turned genetic testing advocate currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. She is also a BRCA1 previvor and the daughter of a two-time breast cancer survivor. In 2018, after discovering that she carried the BRCA gene mutation, Kellie opted to have a prophylactic mastectomy and hysterectomy to mitigate the risk of cancer. Kellie earned her doctoral degree from Grand Canyon University in organizational leadership. She shares her BRCA1 journey in the hopes that women of color will see themselves represented when making informed decisions about breast and ovarian health, early detection, and genetic counseling.

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bianca muñiz

Director of Social Media

Bianca Muñiz (she/her) is a 27-year-old singer/songwriter and three-time cancer survivor and advocate. She was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was 11, breast cancer at 22 along with a genetic mutation called TP53, and then lung cancer at 26. Her goal is to inspire and heal people through her music and journey — to show people that cancer doesn’t have to stop you from living. Bianca has been working behind the scenes for other people's Instagrams and is thrilled to be on the Breasties’ social media team. She enjoys helping bring other people's visions to life and especially loves interacting with the Breasties community and helping them feel heard.

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lauren oxenhandler

Director of Virtual Programing

Lauren Oxenhandler (she/her) is a transformational Life Coach and Reiki II practitioner. She is cancer-free after her stage II triple negative breast cancer diagnosis in 2017. After finishing chemotherapy, Lauren felt isolated and craved connection to a community of people who understood what she was going through. Lauren received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from DePaul University in Chicago, IL and her Masters degree in Public Administration from Leiden University in the Netherlands. Lauren is a proud cat mom who enjoys collecting crystals and oracle cards, traveling near and far, playing board games and dancing like nobody's watching.

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hilary corts

Art Director

Hilary Corts (she/her) is a visual artist and small business owner with a background in the music industry. She is a carrier of the BRCA2 gene mutation and chose to have a preventive double mastectomy in 2016. After feeling so alone on her adventure, Hilary is passionate about making sure others don't have to experience the same isolation. As art director, Hilary creates custom graphics for The Peak and the virtual events program. Fun fact: Hilary started The Breasties SoCal chapter and launched the organization's first merch line. When she's not creating art, Hilary can be found exploring with her dog Kendrick, roller-skating, caring for her plants, and deconstructing systems of oppression.

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jessica fox

Lead of Community Support

Jessica Fox (she/her), is an ER+ breast cancer survivor diagnosed at age 43. She found her two year cancer journey extremely overwhelming until, at Camp Breastie she met 500 women who understood. During that life changing weekend she vowed to show up for this community just as they had shown up for her, and she continues to deliver! She focuses on reaching out to newly diagnosed Breasties, to welcome them into the community, and with our Thriver community, making sure they know that they are not alone. She believes with her whole heart that that no one should feel alone during their cancer journey. When she’s not answering emails or hosting meet ups, you’ll find Jessica hugging her alpaca, or sailing the Atlantic!

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rachel furtney

Lead of Virtual Operations

Rachel Furtney (she/her), Lead of Virtual Operations, is a 29-year-old New Jersey native now residing in the Sunshine State. After losing her mother to breast cancer days after turning 17, Rachel lived with the anxiety and fear of her BRCA1 diagnosis she received at 16. After finding the Breasties and the support she yearned for, Rachel made the decision to have a preventative double mastectomy at 26. Since then, Rachel has worked to both support and give back to her fellow Breasties by assisting virtual programming behind the scenes. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys baking and training her Golden Retriever Bucky to become a certified therapy dog to give back to the Breasties community with continued support.

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kelsey litwin

Peak Editor

Kelsey Litwin (she/her) is a freelance journalist, editor, and communications specialist based in Montreal, Canada. Kelsey discovered that she carries the BRCA1 gene mutation at 22 years old and was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer two years later. She is passionate about making health sciences accessible, knowing that information is the most powerful tool you can have and that no one can advocate for you better than you can! Kelsey writes and edits for The Peak, working to create content that resonates with, comforts and supports all members of the Breasties community. Kelsey tries to live as sustainably as she can and if she’s not knitting or baking, she’s probably hanging out by the river.